“I love sweets but regularly avoided any type of sheet cake at weddings and birthdays because I thought it tasted like “nothing”. Then, one day, I decided to get my cake at Tiffany’s because they could put a photo on their cakes. The photo was great, but what was really great was the actual cake. This was the first time sheet cake tasted fabulous to me, not to mention the rich, smooth icing and creme. Strawberry Shortcake? Fuhgeddaboudit !!! The BEST!!”
Julian R., Philadelphia PA

Just wanted to follow-up with a note of thanks for your great service last Saturday. The cookie cakes for the wedding were perfectly decorated and delicious . . . a big hit with all the guests, and just what my daughter had in mind. We appreciated not only your personal attention and your willingness to work with us throughout the process, but your delicious product as well! Many thanks again! Barbara Hagler, Albany NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome customer service! I called yesterday at 2:30 for a last minute birthday cake delivery to CHOP, where a friend of mine's daughter was readmitted that day due to serious health problems, and it happened to be on his birthday. The cake got there by 8 PM, and it really brightened their day--and believe me, they have had some TOUGH days lately. I know most places would want no parts in accommodating last-minute orders. So given the circumstances (I'm in the far suburbs with a newborn, so I couldn't make it to CHOP to brighten their day myself), you were much appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone!"
Kurrie Wells, Suburban Philadelphia

"Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you guys did on Jake's electric guitar cupcake cake! It's not easy to impress 12 16 year olds and you did it! The cupcakes were delicious too! A true bonus! Thanks also for getting the delivery to Chima without me having to worry about it! I have been spreading the word!" 
Best, Julie Rome

“This is the greatest cake that the world has ever known!  It’s the white cake with the pudding, I am floored!  I have never had anything like it – you’re a genius!”
Marc A., Fort Washington, PA

“Whenever I’m on my home away from home I must stop at this place to get a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. When I was in undergrad in the area I would get an entire strawberry shortcake for my birthday. This truly is my favorite dessert in the world. I’ll be honest and say that although I’ve probably been to this bakery around 100 times, I have never had anything from their except for the strawberry shortcake. It is THAT good!!!”
Rashad G.,  Bloomfield, CT

"Just a complimentary word of thanks for creating a WONDERFUL mustache themed cake for my son, Maddox's, first birthday. Not only was the cake beautiful, it was incredibly fresh and delicious. My guests loved it! Kudos to the baker/decorator. Also, I wanted to compliment Angie - she was a PLEASURE to work with. What an angel! Top notch service, top notch bakery. Thanks again!"
Stephanie Marino

“Recently my son brought my Mother’s Day Cake from Tiffany’s. At first they made me close my eyes. What stood out is that they made my cake in my favorite colors blue and white. The fondant cake looks like a present, a square shaped cake wrapped in a white ribbon. It’s almost a week and I refuse to cut it because it is so Beautiful. I heard about Tiffany’s before but now I’m experiencing a Tiffany’s cake for myself. Thank You for making my Mother’s Day one of the happiest days in my life.”
Renee, Philadelphia PA

“The coolest thing about it is that their icing technicians are true masters of decoration. Give them any (non-pornographic) image and they’ll be able to recreate it into a reasonably priced photo cake. So it’s a good place to go when your looking to spruce up typically predictable chocolate or vanilla sheet cakes a bit without going overboard.”
Bill M.,  Philadelphia PA

“Their strawberry shortcake is absolute heaven.  If I am ever nearby the bakery, there is no stopping me, I HAVE to get a piece.  Despite the tiny space and large crowds that Tiffany’s brings in, I’ve never had a bad experience.  The staff is friendly and the prices are very reasonable.”
Danielle M.,  Philadelphia, PA

“There strawberry shortcake is simply the best. I like their other cakes too. I’ve been going for years and the quality has not changed. That’s rare in this day and age.”
Ms. Vette, Philadelphia PA

Whatever you call them, get them from Tiffany’s Bakery. These are the most mouth watering cinnamon buns I have EVER eaten. They have just the right amount of sweetness to them. And, you can get them with nuts or without! The best EVER!!

“I grew up in Philadelphia and joined the military. Every home is not complete without a trip to tiffany’s bakery. They have the best…. strawberyyshortcake which is my favorite, sweet potato pie, cupcakes, and birthday cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Rese, Philadelphia PA

“Vow, yummy. We used to live in the city over 10 years back and simply loved this place for .. what else.. strawberry shortcake. Now, we have moved out, but every year, we make it to Tiffany’s for our birthdays. They are simply the best !!!”

“From a non chocloate lover and a weight watcher I am telling you…you have not lived until you have tasted a Tiffany Chocolate Mousse Cake..It is worth missing a meal and it is worth every calorie!!!”

“I can never resist a slice of Tiffany’s famous strawberry shortcake. Not only do I get the traditional one, but the also have the Neopolitan and chocolate strawberry short cakes that are out of this world. Let’s not forget that tiffany’s also sell birthday cake by the slice. No stop in the Gallery is complete without Tiffany’s!”
Elder Linda Brown

“The best Strawberry Shortcake I have ever tasted! Every time I go to the Gallery it is adamant that I get a slice!!! My mouth is watering right now!”

“Incredible Chocolate Cake: Maybe the very best chocolate layer cake I have ever tasted!!!”
Victor S. P.

“The best strawberry cheesecake I ever had in my life. I travel all the way from Arizona to Philly, just to get a slice. I’m tempted to get my family to ship me a cheesecake.”
Malikah Ruffin

“I only get MY Birthday Cake from Tiffany’s Bakery! Being a baker, I love eating quality goodies. My favorite dessert is Strawberry Shortcake. It is by law that you should only get it from Tiffany’s. The NEOPOLITAN STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE has a layer of vanilla, and chocolate cakes, with strawberry whipped cream! Don’t foret the Huge CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES on top! I don’t know where they find these strawberries when they’re out of season! On my birthday, I always have one ordered!”
Dessert Queen 2003

“Excellent: Best goodies ever! Delcious”
Alicia J

“The strawberry short cake is worth the trip alone. It is amazing and the portions are big enough for two people. The rest of the pastries are just as good. Every time I am in philly I try and make it here at least once.”
Forum, Harrisburg (urbanspoon.com)