Baby Shower

Baby showers are an exciting time for expected mothers and we can help you celebrate this special occasion with our custom baby shower cakes. We have a variety of delicious themed cakes available whether you are expecting a boy or girl. Gender neutral cakes are also available.

  • Disney Baby Baby Mickey and Baby Baby Minnie

    GLUTEN FREE available.

  • Duckie Baby Shower

    Plastic bath toy Duckie. Made of food-safe plastic. 2-Piece Set. Large Duckie 3¾" L X 3" H. Small Duckie 2¼" L X 2" H. GLUTEN FREE available.

  • Bath Toys

    Includes - 3-Piece Set -Tiger, Elephant and Giraffe - SPECIFY IN ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW THE COLOR CHOICE - PINK (girl) OR BLUE (boy)

  • Special Delivery Stork

    Comes with a Stork Figurine! GLUTEN FREE available.

  • Oh Baby Elephant

    Baby Elephant Baby Shower Cake includes the bath toy. SPECIFY IN ADDITIONAL INSTRUCTIONS BELOW THE COLOR CHOICE, UNISEX (teal), BOY (blue), or GIRL (pink)

  • Baby Pooh-Baby Shower

    Winnie the Pooh "The Best Day Ever!" GLUTEN FREE available.