Tiffany’s Classics

Our classic cakes come in a variety of decadent flavors that are sure to please. Choose from pound cake, custard cake, cannoli cake, red velvet cake and more.

  • Luxury White Pound Cake

    Dense, buttery, almond-infused cake with a fine crumb. Pairs well with any icing and filling. A sophisticated upgrade to a classic occasion cake.

  • Tiffany’s Custard Cake – Tres Leches

    Our spectacularly updated version of Tres Leches Traditional Mexican Three-Milks Cake, combines your favorite milk-drenched sponge cake, custard and whipped cream into two light and moist layers, topped with fresh strawberry, kiwi and pineapple.

  • Cannoli Cake

    Our delicious cannoli cake is filled with our ricotta cannoli filling.

  • Red Velvet Cake

    It might be trendy now, but ours is a timeless classic: two delicately cocoa-infused, dark red layers, punctuated by sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting.

  • Red Velvet Cheesecake

    Our Classic Red Velvet Cake made even more decadent. Two layers of red velvet cake with a layer of our Classic Cheesecake in the middle. Iced in our rich cream cheese icing. It has been a huge hit!

  • Chocolate Mousse Cake

    Dark, moist cake separated by silky chocolate mousse. Two textures of chocolate indulgence that equal elegance.

  • Black Forest Mousse Cake

    Dark, moist chocolate cake separated by silky white chocolate mouse and black cherry filling. Two textures of chocolate indulgence that equal elegance.

  • Chocolate Truffle Cake

    Mousse cake’s edgy cousin, featuring chocolate cake with a layer of raspberry filling, dense truffles and premium dark ganache topping. A dessert that needs only a glass of milk or champagne.

  • Kid in a Candy Store Cake

    Yellow cake decorated with an assortment of Kit Kat, M&M and mixed chocolate candy (often including Reeses Peanut Butter Cups). Even grownups love all the chocolate candy on this cake. Try to let the kids have some, too.

  • Oreo Cookie Candy Cake

    Two chocolate cake layers filled and topped with white buttercream icing. Decorated with Oreo cookies, chocolate fudge icing and Oreo cookie crumble.

  • Carrot Cake

    A classic that deserves its reputation: moist, spicy, layer cake with brightly sweet cream cheese frosting.

  • German Chocolate Cake

    Chocolate cake with german chocolate on top. The german chocolate is caramel, coconut and walnuts ... but not too sweet!

  • Cheesecake

    This. Is. It. New York Style with Philly attitude: stand-a-fork-in-it thick, just sweet enough to keep you coming back for seconds. Pick your favorite fruit topping or select our Naked Chocolate Chip for a gluten free option!