Frequently Asked Questions

FAQWhat are you best known for?
Our award winning strawberry shortcakes, which are available in all sizes, and in variations like red velvet, chocolate and Neapolitan.

Where are you located?
You can find us in either Jefferson Station or Suburban Station, see our Contact page for more information.

What if I have a nut or gluten allergy?
Everything is baked on premises and while we observe the highest standards in food preparation, we must take the highest precaution and discourage you from eating our baked goods, any of which may be exposed to cross contamination in the hands-on baking process.

Tiffany’s Bakery is pleased to offer our new gluten-free yellow cake. This is a delicious alternative to our classic yellow cake and is available in 9” round and sheet cakes. The ingredients we use are 100% Gluten Free. However, we are not a gluten-free bakery and cannot ensure that cross contamination will never occur. 

When it comes to Gluten Free we know how important allergies are so every effort is made to maintain cleanliness of equipment and to keep ingredients separate. However, people sensitive to flour dust in the air, including any dust that may come into contact with gluten-free baked goods, should not eat our gluten-free products. We have processes in place to minimize that happening but there is a great deal of gluten in the air and on our work surfaces.

 If you are a Celiac and/or highly sensitive please advise the person taking your order and know that we will do our best but cannot guarantee your order will not touch gluten somewhere in the process.”

What if I want to place an order that I need today?
Please call the store as soon as possible and we will do our best to accommodate you. 

Can you do custom flavors or designs I don’t see on the website?
Yes, with an in-person consultation with one of our service experts. 

I found a picture of a cake I love in a magazine and want to use it as my wedding cake – can you copy it?
In most cases, we can reproduce any image and are honored to work with brides and wedding couples to achieve the look and flavor of their dreams.

I want to have product donated to my charity, how do I make a request?
Please send an email to, indicating the name of your organization and tax-exempt status, the date of the event, number of attendees, and product requested.  We would love to accommodate every request, but our giving is often scheduled up to one year in advance.   Many requests must therefore be deferred or denied, but all inquiries are read with interest and all organizations are given consideration.

What is fondant?
It is an edible modeling icing that is rolled out like clay and draped over a buttercream-iced cake.  It can be molded or carved into nearly any shape and can be any color of the rainbow, or chocolate-flavored.  It requires a highly skilled decorator and must be worked carefully by hand, with an artist’s touch.  It is a significant upgrade over a traditional cake because of the labor involved, but it is worth it because no other decorating technique matches its beauty and ability to reproduce three-dimensional objects.