"Thank you very much for the cake. It was great. It tasted amazing and was exactly how I imagined it. Thank you so much for your work."
Angaree Smith

"I was very pleased with my purchases and would recommend my friends and family to use Tiffany’s as well! The cake and cupcakes were awesome and a BIG hit with the young and old! They could not believe the image on the cupcake was edible as well! You guys did an awesome job!!!! Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!! !"
Michele Lamar Bustion, Philadelphia

“I love sweets but regularly avoided any type of sheet cake at weddings and birthdays because I thought it tasted like “nothing”. Then, one day, I decided to get my cake at Tiffany’s because they could put a photo on their cakes. The photo was great, but what was really great was the actual cake. This was the first time sheet cake tasted fabulous to me, not to mention the rich, smooth icing and creme. Strawberry ShortcakeFuhgeddaboudit !!! The BEST!!”
Julian R., Philadelphia PA

Just wanted to follow-up with a note of thanks for your great service last Saturday. The cookie cakes for the wedding were perfectly decorated and delicious . . . a big hit with all the guests, and just what my daughter had in mind. We appreciated not only your personal attention and your willingness to work with us throughout the process, but your delicious product as well! Many thanks again!
Barbara Hagler, Albany NY

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for your awesome customer service! I called yesterday at 2:30 for a last minute birthday cake delivery to CHOP, where a friend of mine's daughter was readmitted that day due to serious health problems, and it happened to be on his birthday. The cake got there by 8 PM, and it really brightened their day--and believe me, they have had some TOUGH days lately. I know most places would want no parts in accommodating last-minute orders. So given the circumstances (I'm in the far suburbs with a newborn, so I couldn't make it to CHOP to brighten their day myself), you were much appreciated. I would recommend you to anyone!"
Kurrie Wells, Suburban Philadelphia

"Just wanted to thank you for the awesome job you guys did on Jake's electric guitar cupcake cake! It's not easy to impress 12 16 year olds and you did it! The cupcakes were delicious too! A true bonus! Thanks also for getting the delivery to Chima without me having to worry about it! I have been spreading the word!" 
Best, Julie Rome

“This is the greatest cake that the world has ever known!  It’s the white cake with the pudding, I am floored!  I have never had anything like it – you’re a genius!”
Marc A., Fort Washington, PA

"Tiffany's has got to be the best bakery hands down in Philly. To date I haven't had ANYTHING that I didn't like from this bakery." Shanta Harvey

“Whenever I’m on my home away from home I must stop at this place to get a slice of Strawberry Shortcake. When I was in undergrad in the area I would get an entire strawberry shortcake for my birthday. This truly is my favorite dessert in the world. I’ll be honest and say that although I’ve probably been to this bakery around 100 times, I have never had anything from their except for the strawberry shortcake. It is THAT good!!!”
Rashad G.,  Bloomfield, CT

"Just a complimentary word of thanks for creating a WONDERFUL mustache themed cake for my son, Maddox's, first birthday. Not only was the cake beautiful, it was incredibly fresh and delicious. My guests loved it! Kudos to the baker/decorator. Also, I wanted to compliment Angie - she was a PLEASURE to work with. What an angel! Top notch service, top notch bakery. Thanks again!"
Stephanie Marino

“Recently my son brought my Mother’s Day Cake from Tiffany’s. At first they made me close my eyes. What stood out is that they made my cake in my favorite colors blue and white. The fondant cake looks like a present, a square shaped cake wrapped in a white ribbon. It’s almost a week and I refuse to cut it because it is so Beautiful. I heard about Tiffany’s before but now I’m experiencing a Tiffany’s cake for myself. Thank You for making my Mother’s Day one of the happiest days in my life.”
Renee, Philadelphia PA

“The coolest thing about it is that their icing technicians are true masters of decoration. Give them any (non-pornographic) image and they’ll be able to recreate it into a reasonably priced photo cake. So it’s a good place to go when your looking to spruce up typically predictable chocolate or vanilla sheet cakes a bit without going overboard.”
Bill M.,  Philadelphia PA

“Their strawberry shortcake is absolute heaven.  If I am ever nearby the bakery, there is no stopping me, I HAVE to get a piece.  Despite the tiny space and large crowds that Tiffany’s brings in, I’ve never had a bad experience.  The staff is friendly and the prices are very reasonable.”
Danielle M.,  Philadelphia, PA

gender reveal cake"I just wanted to thank you and your staff sooo much for making a perfect cake for our gender reveal party! Everyone loved the design and the taste! We will be sure to order more cakes from Tiffany's in the future!" Anjali and Adam L.

“Their strawberry shortcake is simply the best. I like their other cakes too. I’ve been going for years and the quality has not changed. That’s rare in this day and age.” 

Ms. Vette, Philadelphia PA

Whatever you call them, get them from Tiffany’s Bakery. These are the most mouth watering cinnamon buns I have EVER eaten. They have just the right amount of sweetness to them. And, you can get them with nuts or without! The best EVER!!

“I grew up in Philadelphia and joined the military. Every home is not complete without a trip to tiffany’s bakery. They have the best…. strawberry shortcake which is my favorite, sweet potato pie, cupcakes, and birthday cakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
Rese, Philadelphia PA

“Wow, yummy. We used to live in the city over 10 years back and simply loved this place for .. what else.. strawberry shortcake. Now, we have moved out, but every year, we make it to Tiffany’s for our birthdays. They are simply the best !!!”

“From a non chocloate lover and a weight watcher I am telling you…you have not lived until you have tasted a Tiffany Chocolate Mousse Cake. It is worth missing a meal and it is worth every calorie!!!”

“I can never resist a slice of Tiffany’s famous strawberry shortcake. Not only do I get the traditional one, but the also have the Neopolitan and chocolate strawberry shortcakes that are out of this world. Let’s not forget that tiffany’s also sell birthday cake by the slice. No stop in the Gallery is complete without Tiffany’s!”
Elder Linda Brown

“The best Strawberry Shortcake I have ever tasted! Every time I go to the Gallery it is adamant that I get a slice!!! My mouth is watering right now!”

“Incredible chocolate cake. Maybe the very best chocolate layer cake I have ever tasted!!!”
Victor S. P.

“The best strawberry cheesecake I ever had in my life. I travel all the way from Arizona to Philly, just to get a slice. I’m tempted to get my family to ship me a cheesecake.”
Malikah Ruffin

“I only get MY Birthday Cake from Tiffany’s Bakery! Being a baker, I love eating quality goodies. My favorite dessert is Strawberry Shortcake. It is by law that you should only get it from Tiffany’s. The NEOPOLITAN STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE has a layer of vanilla, and chocolate cakes, with strawberry whipped cream! Don’t foret the Huge CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRIES on top! I don’t know where they find these strawberries when they’re out of season! On my birthday, I always have one ordered!”
Dessert Queen 2003

“Excellent: Best goodies ever! Delicious”
Alicia J

“The strawberry shortcake is worth the trip alone. It is amazing and the portions are big enough for two people. The rest of the pastries are just as good. Every time I am in philly I try and make it here at least once.”
Forum, Harrisburg (urbanspoon.com)

“I sent my Drexel freshman a dozen of your Oreos Cupcakes on his birthday and his comment was, ‘I think these are the best cupcakes I have ever had!’ Thank you!!!” Kate D.

“My husband bought me a beautiful birthday cake from your place! Everyone loved it, especially me! It was delicious! Thanks!” 
Karen W.

Heart J.

“I just got one of your cakes delivered to me as a birthday present from my mother-in-law. I'm not sure what it was but it was ridiculously good. I'm a bake snob and typically don't like cakes unless I make them. I couldn't stop eating it though. Thanks! Delicious!” 
Valerie P.

“Thank you so much, Deanna and Regina, for amazing customer service yesterday and a beautiful birthday surprise with PACMAN!”
Andrea B., Philadelphia, PA

“Today is my 11th wedding anniversary and I really wanted a classic strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream and fresh strawberries and saw that Tiffany's was rated number 1 in Philly. I am working today in the burbs and knew that I could not get in town to pick one up and my husband is busy also, so we made the decision to have the cake delivered. Yesterday we went online and order the cake with a delivery window of 12:00 noon, at 12:10 the cake arrived, I could not be happier!!!! Delivery took off all the stress from trying to get in town and park and it was worth the delivery charge to be able to go home and enjoy the cake with a glass of champagne tonight, thanks Tiffany's.” 
Donna A.

“We recently used Tiffany’s Bakery for our wedding and we were not all disappointed. The cake was exactly the design that we wanted from the picture that we provided. The cake tasted even better than we had our cake tasting session. When we cut into our wedding cake, we had no problems as the cake was fluffy and moist. The cake and butter cream icing held wonderfully through the wedding dinner and our guests enjoyed every bite.”
Irv Carty IV

“My husband gets me a strawberry shortcake for my birthday EVERY YEAR!!! Delish!”
Sunnie D., Philadelphia, PA

“As always my strawberry shortcake was superb.”
Shilena W.

“Love the strawberry shortcake.” 
Kajsan D.

“Treated myself to your world's best strawberry shortcake yesterday before catching the train. I ate it for breakfast this morning. Breakfast of champions!! I'll be back for more on Tuesday!” 
Teresa T.

“Treated myself to two slices of the strawberry shortcake and was very good. Ate one slice yesterday and after my nap eating the other slice. Soooo good.” 
Aishah S.

 “I had my traditional birthday strawberry shortcake slice on Saturday. And as usual....it was AWESOME! Thanks, Tiffany's!!!!” 

Barbara C., Philadelphia, PA

“The most amazing strawberry shortcake ever. Knowing I can stop at Tiffany's is how I manage to not pull my hair out when I know I have to take the train into the city.” 
Teresa T.

“Our mother’s cake was so delicious and beautiful thank you so much TODAY for her 51st birthday.”
LaToya B., Philadelphia, PA

“I bought your cookies this weekend - delicious and absolutely reasonable pricing - Thanks for coming to Philly!” 
Donna R.

“Extremely nice management team.” 
Tim S.

“You are my favorite bakery. I can't always afford to treat myself, but if I'm in Center City for a doctor appointment and feel up to it (and have a few dollars), I LOVE stopping by and getting myself a treat from you. It's kind of like a reward for actually being able to get myself out of the house, on the bus and into town.Your strawberry shortcake is divine. Your birthday cakes? My absolute favorite cake. Everything I've gotten from you has been fresh and delicious. Thanks!”
Wendy H.

“Thank you for making the skull cake. It looks & tasted amazing!!!!”
Steph G.

“Great red velvet cake.”
Tony P.

“Thank you for the absolutely beautiful and delicious cake you created for my daughter’s baby shower. The cake was a huge hit, not only did everyone ask for seconds, they needed to know where it came from. The bee theme was executed perfectly and we couldn't have asked for more. Thank you again for making her day extra special.” 
Carrie C., Philadelphia, PA

 “Tiffany's is the best. Beats all of the competition.”
Josephine N.

“My hubby got me your Chocolate Mousse Cake for my birthday and OMG, I think I love you people.....”
Rebecca G.

“I just placed my annual order for the Christmas strawberry shortcake cake that we have at Church of St. Luke and the Epiphany in Philadelphia, on Christmas Eve. This is my first time ordering on-line, and it was super easy. In the past years, I have had to travel all the way to Philadelphia from Washington, D.C. just to place the order. Thanks for making this so easy for me. Happy holidays to you all.”
Judea L., Washington, D.C.

“I treated myself for my belated birthday, June 12, to a Cheese Danish today at the Gallery on June 26, 2013 and it was delicious!!!!!!
Rachel T.

“Just received a great Spider-Man themed cake which I ordered online from you guys. Great work. The design was awesome. The cake was delicious. The experience could not have been more convenient. I will be back!” 
Brendan M.

“I just ordered my first cake from Tiffany's and it was amazing. It was exactly what I wanted and the staff was very helpful in helping me make sure my order was right. Will buy from them again.” 
Rachel B.

“I love these cakes.” 
Yafiah C.

“That chocolate cupcake was ridiculous!!! I'm dreaming about the chocolate deliciousness!!!” 
Amy S.

“SHOUT OUT TO Tiffany’s Bakery ! MY DAUGHTER’S 16th birthday cake was just beautiful & scrumpious. Thanks a lot.”
Joyce M.

“Had a wonderful time yesterday!!! The chocolate truffle cake, cheesecake, cookies and our favorite!!!!! Red velvet cupcakes!!!! The icing was de LISH!!!” 
Mai B.

“Best bakery ever!!!!!!!” 
Donnie-Michéle J.

“The Neopolitan Strawberry Shortcake is heaven... Just tried some today.  I will be back to use the coupon I got.... lol”
Kimberly L.

“Oreo cupcake was delicious.” 
James S.

“The absolute best cakes and cookies..Never been disappointed!!” 

I love this place. They have wonderful and tasty treats.” 
Teresa G.

“The absolute best cakes and cookies..Never been disappointed!!” 

“Do yourself a favor and get a slice of the strawberry shortcake. It's amazing!”
DeAdra W.

“The strawberry shortcake is hands down the BEST I ever tasted...no one makes it like TIFFANY’S.....Also had the yellow birthday cake...could not stop eating it....melted in the mouth......best bakery in Philly.” 
Barbara H.

 “Love the girls who work here always so pleasant always so lovely!!! Best products down there!” 
Amanda M.

“The best chocolate covered strawberries and cheap too.” 
Crystal S.

“I've been going to Tiffany's since I was 10. I love their strawberry shortcake...absolutely amazing.”
Victoria C.

“My favorite cake is strawberry shortcake. Delicious!!!” 
Tyra M.

“They have the best strawberry shortcake in the world. Can't go anywhere else. Other places use strawberry paste, Tiffany's Bakery use real strawberries. Amen.” 
Yvonne S.

“I love Tiffany's chocolate strawberry shortcake I think it's the best hands down.” 
Gwendolyn L.

“The red velvet cupcakes are AMAZING! Can't wait to get go back and get more!” 
Katie M.

“Everything always looks & tastes sooo so good and always fresh and fully stocked.” 
Tameka K.

“Love them, been shopping here since day one!!!! Cinnamon bread, strawberry and peach shortcake, yes peach too! Pineapple cheesecake, just a YUMMY place!!!!!!!!” 
Donnie-Michéle J.

“It started off buying a few cookies. Now I'm there every week buying whole cakes. It’s THAT good. Always delicious, always perfect.” 
C.J. M.

“Berry berry berry good. Love their strawberry shortcakes...... Yummy.” 
Aishah S.

“Wanted to try this place because it was always busy when I pass by, got 2 danish (apple and lemon)....my husband awoke from his sleep just now (at 5:40 a.m.) while I'm getting ready for work and said, that was the best danish I had.....looks like we found a new place!!!!!!” 
ZsaToya T.

“Best strawberry shortcake on earth.” 
Abel R.

“I have walked by this place many times as I am fairly new to the area. I was walking by today and decided to stop. I purchased a slice of the chocolate strawberry shortcake. I believe that is what it's called. It was sooooo good. I will be ordering my birthday cake from this bakery.” 
Adrienne J.

“I've been going to Tiffany's since I can remember. Same quality and great taste.”

“Yummy puffs and cannoli made my day!” 
Yayi F., Philadelphia, PA

"I just wanted to take the time to let you know how amazing your cakes are! Our party guests, here at the museum, LOVE the colorful designs and personalized touch your cakes provide! The cakes are always delivered on time, your staff is amazing to interact with, and your website is so easy to utilize. Your cakes help to make our birthday parties memorable and cake-fully satisfying. We get so many compliments on the flavor of the cake and the icing. Thanks again for baking the best cakes in the city!"

Christine, Youth & Family Program Coordinator at The Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University

“Just popped in to say ‘Thank you’ for the cake that was delivered for my son’s birthday on the 15th of April. The youngsters loved the cake and polished it all off! Unfortunately, got an image of the polished tray and not the cake that was delivered!” 
Shabala K. 

“I am not an artist, but I can recognize real art wherever and whenever I see it. Bakers here are artists… I look at the colors and the forms and can only imagine how delicious each of the cakes are.” 
Roy P.

“Prices are quite reasonable for the quality of desserts and cakes. Their cream puffs and éclairs are excellent. The cinnamon danish is also very good. I haven’t tried a bad product there yet!”
Frank G.

“Just wanted to thank you for the birthday cupcake order to my daughter at the hospital of Pennsylvania. She loved the cupcakes and she said they were delicious. Found you online but will definitely use you again for a special occasion! The next time I’m in Philly I will stop in.” 
Barbara S. 

“I want to thank you for making my Dad so happy. I had placed an order online to be delivered today. He has just completed many, many days of radiation and your trays brought a huge smile. Since I am in Florida I am unable to try your goodies but I’ll bet they are as great as they look. My Dad sent a picture. Thanks again!” 
Theresa L.

“There was a cake delivered to the office yesterday from Tiffany’s and I cried tears of joy when the icing hit my lips.” 

“Our cake was DELICIOUS!!!! Thank you so much!!! ALL our guests raved about it and wanted to know where it came from… I will be back for more and know my friends will too! I shared with them your bakery has outstanding reviews and fair prices.”
Jennifer K.

“A big shout out to your bakery! I was in a time crunch on Monday for a cake delivery and you so graciously came through with what I am told was ‘the perfect cake’. In today’s general retail mindset, it is rare to find a business that will work relentlessly to accommodate. Thank you so much!” 
Pam B.

“Their strawberry shortcake is to die for. For the past 5 years that’s all I’ve ever wanted for my birthday. What could be better than the traditional strawberry shortcake? How about the Neapolitan Strawberry Shortcake it’s everything a foodie could dream of.” 
Lea S.

“My favorite cake to celebrate Chanukah. A Strawberry Shortcake from Tiffany's Bakery. Happy Chanukah!!” 
Judea L. 

“I’ve used Tiffany’s a number of times over a number of years and have always gotten great reviews of the cakes. They are well decorated, fresh and taste yummy. They are located in the Gallery convenient to the train, and open early in the a.m., so I can place my order one day and pick it up the next on the way to work or home.” 

"You and your staff are awesome! My sister had one of your cakes delivered to my hotel while visiting my son for the Harvard game for my 50th birthday! The cake was delicious and your business is the best! Thanks for helping make Alek’s birthday a great one!”
Heidi M.

“The German chocolate brownie is really good. Very fresh and moist. I’d come back again next time I’m in Philly.” 
Chris G.

“I just wanted to thank you for the cupcakes. They were very cute and very, very good. The cake was also good. I am happy to say both arrived with no damage to them. You remain my favorite bakery! Thanks again! I will see you soon!” 
Lorrie B.

“The National Marian Anderson Residence Museum would like to thank the Incredible Founders and CEOs of Tiffany’s Bakery Frank & Serena and their wonderful staff for creating show display cakes for the National Marian Anderson Residence Museums participation in the 106th National NAACP Convention as well as our highly anticipated Amonitti Reception. Visit Tiffany’s Bakery and experience a taste of heaven.” 
Jillian P.